Is Hydrogen The Fuel Of The Future?

June 17, 2019 0 By oliver


Through the mainstream media we have heard about the future we may find our selves in where this magical element Hydrogen, is our new gasoline and the planet will move on away from disgusting petroleum based fuels. But is that a reality? or is that simply a science fiction headline-grabbing greenie talk that is never going to become a reality?

The purpose of this blog is to answer that question and discover the ins and outs of everything hydrogen fuel. In coming posts, I will cover the following topics and hopefully, answer in great detail the below questions giving you the reader the tools to be able to make up your own mind about it as I will mine.

What is it?

How is it produced?

What uses does it have?

Why do we think it is important?

Will it replace petroleum as a fuel?

Is Hydrogen The Fuel Of The Future?

We need to begin to answer these questions with another question….. What classifies a fuel of the future? furthermore what qualities do we need to exist to class something like fuel for our future…

What is a fuel for the future?

Based on my 26 years living on planet earth, engaging in nature, traveling around the world, reading headlines and working in the industry my definition on behalf of the planet for what fuel for the future is; A fuel for the future should be fundamentally ‘clean’ ticking the following boxes.

  • no black stuff (Carbon)
  • no carbon dioxide (Greenhouse effect apex molecule)
  • no carbon monoxide (the silent killer)
  • easily accessible eliminating the dirty great oil monopolies
  • a non-ocean devastator when spilled
  • it works better than what we currently have
  • it will not run out

If by researching Hydrogen as the use case for our fuel for the future we can tick all of these boxes, then my friends and readers we have fuel for the future.

Where do we draw the line?

I have in the past found it misleading to think about traditional renewable energy as ‘green’ especially when working on a wind farm in the construction phase most people will see those big beautiful white fans as the definition of green or environmentally progressive. Whereas you cannot help but ask yourself if this really a net positive engagement with the planet when there are massive caterpillar bulldozers clearing hillsides to undergo the civil work needed to host the turbines and high voltage cables connecting them.

That being said I am going to do my best to dive a little deeper past the surface of how we judge the ‘future fuel’ in question.

When can we agree that we have found our fuel for the future?

I think we can all agree that we have found our fuel for the future when we can tick all the above boxes and then put it to test in each of the current use cases which our fuels of the past inhabit.

For example; we find that Hydrogen Fuel ticks all the boxes above and we can drive a car, motorbike, airplane or boat in the same way we currently do. Or it ticks all the above boxes and we put it to the test powering our cities such as our fuel of the past and present coal does such a great job of doing both use cases will consider all variables which need to be considered for it not to be laughable.

Where do we start?

We need to define what Hydrogen Fuel really is… keep you eyes pealed for the next post….. 😉