Hydrogen Powered Semi-Trucks

Hydrogen Powered Semi-Trucks

June 24, 2019 0 By oliver

I have seen headline after headline now from Nikola‘s beautifully designed hybrid trucks, enough so that I thought it was time to find out what they are doing over there in the US again pioneering new EV innovations.

If you haven’t see it yet take a look below:

The Phoenix Arizona based EV company has done a great job of both borrowing the legacy NOKIA tech style and the first name from their somewhat competitors Tesla to create their very sexy sleek company feel.

From researching their company I have noticed that the company showcases yet again proof if you can get the energy supply and driveline worked out its application can be very diverse, from Semi-trucks to ATV’s and all the way to Jetskis. To me, I take this as the management team are not only aggressive with their interest in technology but also love to have some fun with their cool new toys. Overall from looking into their company and how they are planning to turn their dreams into reality I am super pumped for them and the vision.

Are people buying these Hydrogen powered trucks yet, and where are they available?

As of my research and time of writing (24th June 2019), they have not yet shipped trucks off their production line and expect to do so in the following 24 months in 2020.

What is different about these trucks compared to the Tesla Semi?

The most obvious thing that you will notice when diving into these trucks is the H2 fuel cell vs the Li Battery in the Tesla. As well as that the way Nikola has proposed to bring the truck to life and manufacturer the vehicles is different. They have created a partnership for the first 5000 Semi’s to be built in partnership with the US-based truck and trailer manufacturing company Fitzgerald, aiming to save them the pain and Capex of setting up their own production line from the word go a problem that has been widely talked about with the production of the Tesla Model 3.