Hydrogen News – June 2019.

Hydrogen News – June 2019.

June 30, 2019 0 By oliver

Queensland government launches a $19 million fund.

The five-year strategy/fund will focus on supporting innovation through partnerships with industry in the state working towards growing the state’s future of exporting clean hydrogen.

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1-GW Renewable Energy Storage Facility in Utah

A combination of renewable Hydrogen, compressed air, and batteries this proposed energy storage facility is proposed to help with balancing the fluctuating energy production of new renewables in the western half of the US.

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‘Deep Purple’ project will turn offshore wind into underwater Hydrogen storage.

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First of 1000 Hyundai hydrogen-electric trucks hit Switzerland

The partnership between Galliker Transport & Logistics and the H2 Mobility Switzerland is becoming a reality.

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Norwegian ferry operator Norled developing two new H2 ferries.

Hydrogen-Powered Ferry in Norway

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