Hydrogen News Digest – August 2019.

Hydrogen News Digest – August 2019.

August 30, 2019 1 By oliver

Hydrogen into the natural gas supply.

Early in the month, we heard an announcement from Jemena in Australia where they are poised to trial a 500kw ‘power to gas’ electrolyzer for both storing some of the renewable energy in NSW.

Liquid Organic Hydrogen Carrier brings us a new acronym for the renewable energy space LOHC

No we do not need another acronym but yes the LOHC outlined by Hydrogenious does sound attractive.

It will be interesting to see more and more of these kinds of applications being produced. I couldn’t but help notice that every time I see one of this new Hydrogen plants or equipment coming out they are hosted in shipping containers, which to me means that they are still well and truly in the testing phase and looking to get some use cases underway as quickly as possible. Following closely to see what happens here.

Turn your rotten sandwich into green hydrogen with Electro Active Technologies.

Electroactive technologies have entered into a licensing agreement to turn biowaste into useable H2. The partnership between Electro Active Tech and the US-based Oak Ridge National Libary (ORNL) give exclusive access to Electro Active Technologies for the innovations developed by ORNL.

See the diagram below for the high level of how it works.