Future Fueled Introduction

Future Fueled Introduction

July 21, 2019 0 By oliver

When I grew up my definition of fuel was the smelly solvent which was stored in jerry cans in my father’s workshop.

It was the thing that cars lined up 5 rows deep for at the service stations in peak hour traffic when the busy people were making their journey home after work.

It was the thing that we would see getting transported across the country in massive tankers whilst driving on the highway.

It was the thing that we would see highlighted in the news being spilled into the ocean after massive disasters had struck.

Now it’s 2019 and unfortunately…. Nothing much has changed..

We have all learned about the negative effects fossil fuels have on our environment and together we have the responsibility and opportunity to do something with it.

The awesome thing is that what got us so far down the slippery slope of relying on dirty fossil fuels, will be the same thing that can solve the problem.

Innovation, technology, research, design and social change are already creating a new world based on sustainable fuels, such as hydrogen.

Just as we celebrated the innovations of Henry Ford and others in the 20th century. We now need to celebrate the innovations of new companies and people in the clean hydrogen space who will take us through the 21st century.

We will deep dive, looking at the evolution of Hydrogen Fuel and how we can use it and other renewable fuels to put the days of black smoke behind us.

So please follow closely, share or get in touch with us to help move this transition forward.

So if you are a keen learner, excited about the future of renewable energy or simply want to get up to date on where the future of hydrogen fuel can take us, please follow us along this journey.