Can I power my boat with Hydrogen Fuel? Part 1

June 4, 2019 0 By oliver

Growing up in country South Australia me and my four brothers were gifted with growing up on the Murray River where we spent most of our waking hours in or on the water. It was always a pain in the ass being 18 with not much money still always wanting to put the best fuel in either the ski boat or the racing dinghy.

So… over the next little while I am going to see if I can build a racing dinghy that runs on 100% h2 gas via a fuel cell which can compete in the Red Bull dinghy derby

The design concept

Using the same boat design and outboard tiller steer mechanics. I will use the commonly used Stacer hull and Yamaha engine combination, obviously modified to host an electric/fuel cell system.

I have conceptualised a design with two scuba tanks at the back of the boat with a fuel cell in the centre of the boat. We could retro fit a electric motor to a standard Yamaha outboard engine leg and housing so we would not need to recreate the wheel.

Questions that need to be answered:

  • How much would a fuel cell weigh to power the boat?
  • How fragile would all the electronics be?
  • Do we need an inverter to run an AC electric motor?
  • Restrictions on water damage?
  • How much h2 would we need?
  • How much will this all cost?

Stay tuned for what is to come on this, it may take a while but no great feat was achieved over night.