Australia Exporting Clean Energy To Asia

Australia Exporting Clean Energy To Asia

July 27, 2019 0 By oliver

As I follow the every increasing conversation around Australia becoming the clean energy power plant for South East Asia I will continuously update this blog to provide you with a record and an up to date view on the subject.

Sun Cable: Northern Territory

A high voltage DC cable from the Northern Territory under the sea to Singapore. Currently, Singapore relies on imported natural gas for 95% of its grid-scale electricity. Developing the proposed Sun Cable project near Tennant creek comprising of 3GW of solar and battery storage is estimated to account for 25% of Singapore’s electricity needs. The project has been estimated to cost near $20b AUD.

This project became public in the second quarter of 2019 and is expected to begin community consultation in the latter half of the year.

Asian Renewable Energy Hub: Western Australia

As indicated on their official website planning for this enormous scale project began back in 2014 and have progressed through to the stage now where they have local government approval from the WA government for the scale project. The next 2 to 3 years looks like it will be a process of gaining adequate confidence in their financial modeling and investor confidence. This project is expected to total 15GW of combined wind and solar generation, with the bulk of that to be converted into exportable Hydrogen.

Hydrogen Energy Supply Chain: Victoria

The pilot program to use locally sourced brown coal to produce a supply chain for exporting Hydrogen to Japan was launched on the 19th of July at Port of Hastings. The supply process is committed to offsetting the carbon emissions the brown coal processing during the pilot program. The program has the potential to turn Port Hastings into the epicenter of hydrogen exports from Australia to Japan.

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